Bring Wellness Home

Our Story

Coast Spas was established in 1997, building spas that supported one single retail store in British Columbia, Canada. The founders of Coast Spas, who owned the retail store for several years prior, were unhappy with the level of spa quality and options from their supplier and wanted to provide a superior hot tub. At the time there were very few options available for different spa brands, so they bought a factory and started building their own hot tubs. Since that time, Coast Spas has continued innovating and building better hot tubs that hold up to extreme Canadian temperatures. Coast Spas now has independent retail outlets around the world, numerous patents and a skilled team that know exactly how to build the World's Best Build Spas®

Our Mission

Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits that spas can bring to their lives. The team at Coast Spas endeavours to make the daily lives of their customers better. We are endlessly innovating and updating our product in the effort of making the very best spas available that are equipped with the latest technology and takes advantage of advances in the materials used to make our spas strong and last a lifetime.

Your Wellness

There are so many health and wellness benefits that a Coast Spa brings to your life. Spend more time outside in the fresh air and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. Your heart, mind and muscles all benefit from using a Coast Spa. Sleep better, feel better each and every day. Knowing that we make a positive impact for our customers is what keeps us motivated to continue delivering for current and future Coast Spa Owners.

Bring Wellness Home

We are all about wellness. Our spas are built to deliver the very highest performing hydrotherapy machine tuned to maximize health and wellness benefits.

Coast Spas are made with premium components, powerful massage pumps and intelligent controls. We have over 20 years of experience in hydrotherapy and health-focused design. If you are looking to get the best for your health, be sure to choose a Coast Spa.

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World's Best Built Spas®

You demand your spa be ready – at any hour, any day, whatever the weather. So do we. Coast Spas rigorously tests its products, ensuring high quality and long-lasting, reliable performance. Every Coast Spas hot tub and swim spa comes backed by nearly three decades of experience in designing, crafting and innovating products that offer life-changing benefits for a lifetime of use. We earned the title “World’s Best Built Spas” for a reason.

The Strongest Shells

The heart of any hot tub or swim spa is its irreplaceable shell. We make the toughest, most durable available. We partner with leading innovators in glass fiber technology and use multiple layers of premium fiberglass to insulate and strengthen each vacuum-molded premium acrylic shell. Flooring and seating areas have additional layers of fiberglass reinforcement resulting in a solid, rigid acrylic shell that will last for years to come.

Unparalleled filtration

Closed pressurized filtration systems clean water better than traditional residential spa filter systems. They also prevent contaminants from re-entering the bathing area when your pumps are off. That’s why resorts and hotels must use them in their hot tubs and pools, and why we only use them at Coast Spas, making us stand apart in our industry. In addition, our exclusive Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System has a patented design to cleanse your water 80% faster and 20% more efficiently than traditional systems.

Quality Tested

Only the rugged survive outdoors during Canadian winters. Canada is home to our long-tenured build team that assembles, fills, runs, inspects and evaluates every Coast Spa hot tub and swim spa – putting each through a stressful endurance trial from start until shipping – to ensure each meets our demanding standards before arriving at your home.

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De-Stress Your Energy Bills

Coast Spas bring you better health and more happiness without stressing your energy bill. We minimize heat loss and power consumption to maximize product lifespan and your enjoyment. Coast Spas work smarter not harder to keep your waters warm, clean and clear with innovative filtration systems, superior insulation, and dependable energy-wise features.

Filtering More Efficiently, Not More Often

  • Rather than a dedicated filtration pump running full-time, our powerful jet pumps quickly and efficiently do the job in short intervals. You set the length and frequency to your optimal level of energy use.
  • Our exclusive Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System’s patented design cleanses 80% faster and 20% more efficiently than traditional systems so it needs to run less often.
  • Our spas use a closed pressurized system so the filter – and the debris and contaminants in it -- stay in a separate chamber with no back flow to recontaminate your water and require addition filtering later.

Better Water Flow Requires Less Power

  • Coast Spas limits sharp bends and angles in its plumbing lines so your pump works less to move more water.
  • Our Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System uses filter cartridges up to 175 square feet, the largest in the industry, to not only clean more out of your water, but also let more water clear through the filter with less energy use.

Pumping Power with Savings

  • Our high-efficiency 5HP pumps and 4HP switchless pumps sip electricity at nearly the same rates, using less energy than it takes to power three household lightbulbs.
  • The switchless model uses just a single amp of power for general water circulation.

Keeping the Heat at the Top

Heat rises. A properly insulated, snug fitting cover prevents more heat from escaping, minimizing the energy needed to keep your waters always at the ready at perfect temperature. Coast Spas’ Thermal-Sealed covers use virgin insulating foam and a super heat-seal gasket for superior heat retention.

Coast Spas Core Values

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    Promote continuous growth through improvements and innovation.

  • Customer Testimonails

    Empower and engage team members through clear and open communication.

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    Value and respect everyone’s diversity, dignity and right to a safe workplace.

  • Customer Testimonails

    Abide by high quality standards to build the World’s Best Built Spas that enhance the lives and wellness of our customers.