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When considering a purchase, such as a new hot tub, it's beneficial to read about other consumer experiences with the product or brand in which you are planning to invest. We wanted to share with you some of the reviews that we have gotten from Coast Spas owners.

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“We LOVE our vanishing edge spa!!”
We LOVE our vanishing edge spa!! The main reason we chose it is because our view is so spectacular and we didn’t want anything to impede it.Sadly our photography skills are not as spectacular :) We can see all of downtown, the north shore mountains, planes landing at the airport, our infinity edge pool, Vancouver island etc. the sunset views are amazing but our camera is not very good and doesn’t capture them very well.
-Brad & Joanne
“My only regret is why I waited so long to get all the benefits and enjoyment out of owning a hot tub!”
I have owned my hot tub now for almost two years. I had many questions before I made my purchase. “How much of my time would be spent maintaining it? How difficult would it be to keep the water chemically balanced?” These and all my other questions were answered very knowledgeably. I’m very grateful for the help provided by you and your staff. It truly is every bit as easy as you said it would be to maintain. I spend less than 15 minutes a week maintaining my investment. By keeping up with maintenance, I’m sure my chemical costs are as low as they can be. I’m sure I spend more on my daily fix of Tim Horton’s coffee in a year than I spend on chemicals for my hot tub! The customer service from you and your staff is nothing less than FIRST CLASS, and I would recommend your company to anyone without hesitation! I look forward to many more years of enjoyment out of my investment. My only regret is why I waited so long to get all the benefits and enjoyment out of owning a hot tub!
“our thanks to you all”
We can’ begin to tell you how much we valued your input to our recent spa project. Our aim was to build a handcrafted Japanese style hot soaker tub, using cement and porcelain tile, similar to ones we had enjoyed while visiting Japan. As we hadn’t undertaken anything quite like this before we were full of questions at every stage, and were always able to get a knowledgeable answer from one of you to each and every query. Moreover, your company was able to supply all the necessary spa equipment we needed at a very reasonable price, with full and comprehensive instructions for installation. The project has turned out extremely well and our thanks go to you all. It would have been more difficult without your experience and advice.
-Ray and Judy
“almost one year now since we purchased our hot tub and we absolutely love it”
It has been almost one year now since we purchased our hot tub and we absolutely love it and we wanted to thank you again!!! Our entire shopping experience with your store was very enjoyable as everyone there was friendly, relaxed and professional. We really appreciated this because with so many different hot tub brands and seemingly unlimited feature, it can be and was very confusing out there! The entire process, including the installation was wonderful and worry free. The best thing was your service didn’t stop when the sale was made. It continues on today with your in-store water testing to your monthly spa maintenance visits which we highly recommend as your hot tub is an investment. We certainly made the right decision in choosing Calais Spas and we thank you again for everything
- Mike & Betty, Nanaimo
“we have made the right choice by purchasing a Coast Spa”
We would like you to know that yes, we truly love our tub and gazebo that we purchased from you earlier this past summer. With everything fully finished and up and running we now have our own backyard oasis! Its a great escape at the end of a hard day as well as a great way to start your day having our morning coffee and watching the sun come up. We truly feel we have made the right choice by purchasing a Coast Spa as well as the Visscher Gazebo. The quality of the gazebo is excellent and we knew it right from the moment we received it . The way it came packaged and the ease of setup was amazing. It is a very well made product.The tub as well is an excellent and well built product. Even though we had a couple hiccups with the pump, it just reassured us that we made the right choice of our purchased with you. Your prompt service to fix the issue was very reassuring to us. Not only do we have excellent products but we feel we have an excellent company(Koko Beach) standing behind them. The delivery process, your support and willingness to accommodate our busy schedule was awesome. We are looking forward to all the hours of relaxation and escape with our new Coast Spa and we have piece of mind knowing you are there for support. So Thank-you for the wonderful products &service!
-Jim and Brenda
“very happy with new tub and service from Coast Spas”
I am sorry it has taken me a while, but I wanted to tell you we are very happy with the new tub and the service from Coast Spa’s has been excellent!! Thanks again!
Short but Sweet
Excellent service. No issues!
-Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd
“we have our own oasis right in our backyard”
We just wanted to let you know once again how much we enjoy our spa. With the construction of our deck completed, we have our own oasis right in our backyard. Since our purchase of the spa, you have been with us every step of the way. You helped us with the foundation, the electrical aspects and the placement of the spa within the deck. We brought our ideas and you and your staff gave us the guidelines to turn them into reality. Just a phone call away and everyone at LCL Spas is willing to help when we need tips for chemical and general maintenance. The Coast Spas Paradise CP021 was for us the perfect choice. It is big enough to entertain, it is fun, relaxing and therapeutic. It is also a great way to spend time one to one just catching up after a hectic day. We consider the spa in our deck to be a great investment as well as an attractive addition to our outside living space. Thanks again!
-Ron & Danielle
Swim Spa...Awesome!
Got the Swim Spa room finished.
I use it 3 days a week.
Thanks a lot for your help.
-Dean T.
Good for Another 12 Years?
Hey Jay,
Just wanted to send you a picture of the old Coast Spa, new lid and a heater element last year and hopefully good for another 12 years!! Oh ya had to give the old gal a new paint job, all and all I think she looks great.
-Dave and Irene B.
“We might have to turn our backyard into a pub, as it’s become the neighborhood jewel”
We would like you to know that yes, We Love Our Coast Spa!
There’s nothing like enjoying a soak in our tub, especially when the weather turns cool. We might have to turn our backyard into a pub, as it’s become the neighborhood jewel.
-Janet & Tedd G.
“already recommended you to someone else”
Sorry I didn’t know any of your individual e-mails so I just thought I’d send one to your general LCL account. I was talking with my boss this morning about a renovation he’s doing and he said he was installing a spa.I was just about to tell him to go see you when he said that he bought a Coast Spa from LCL. He told me Eric treated him very well and gave him a lot of time to pick out what he wanted and figure out what he didn’t want. He was very appreciative and positive about his experience (he already recommended you to someone else), so I thought I’d pass the message along. Keep up the good work.