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The Coast Spas Family

Company Culture

Our team of employees have been specifically chosen for their skills, enthusiasm, and ability to work together effectively. We need great people to build great hot tubs, and our employees are our most important asset. To ensure the Company’s continued growth and prosperity, we do expect everyone to put forth their best effort and to work as a team. In return, we commit to provide fair treatment, a safe and stimulating work environment, competitive compensation, and excellent employee perks and benefits. Recognizing that we are still a new industry, we hire, train and guide individuals who just years ago, never would have imagined they would join a hot tub manufacturer.

Coast Spas employee’s will find that we embrace a culture of family, friendship and community. Many members of the Coast Spas team have been with the company since it’s inception in 1997. More still have been with the company for over a decade and we’re very proud to see those individuals thrive at Coast Spas. We believe in promoting from within the company, challenging our team members to reach higher and take on more responsibility. We provide support and the avenues for any individual to rise through the ranks quickly and reward a positive attitude and mature work ethics.

We believe in working hard and playing hard. Our production facility has a large area allocated for our massive employee lounge. Complete with pool tables, couches, multiple TV’s, large outdoor patio area with tables and chairs, foosball table, microwaves, fridges and vending machines - we ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy their break times and lunch. Included in the employee lounge are many tables and chairs that our team member use to eat, read and relax during their much deserved downtime.

Coast employees often become close friends and it’s reflected in the workplace, department communication and collaboration is motivated by a drive to not only to be efficient but to also assist and help out where there is need. Our crew leaders lead by example and treat all the Coast Spas staff with respect, step-in to assist and train those under their guidance and ensure proper and fair treatment in all areas associated with employment with Coast Spas. Everyone has a chance to voice their suggestions and Coast Spas has an “OFI - Opportunity for Improvement” program to which everyone is invited to submit their ideas of how to improve any procedures or processes within the company. Those whose suggestions are implemented receive a cash prize for their submission.

Every month, all staff attend a company-wide meeting where everyone is updated on the state-of-the-industry and made aware of current developments and goals for the company. During the gathering, awards are handed out to recognized individuals and draws are held for prizes. Coast Spas management also organizes regular outdoor BBQ events during the summer where office staff cook and serve burgers & hot dogs, chips, cookies and pop to production workers.

Coast Spas embraces all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs and, like our beautiful country, find that there is strength and prosperity to be found when we unify as a team of equals striving to achieve the same goal. Together, we will continue to make Coast Spas a leader in our industry.


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