To Our Employees, Brand Ambassadors and Customers

The headlines are unfortunately true. Raw materials shortages, lengthening manufacturing and shipping delays, and rising costs associated with them all are a reality many in consumer goods, including the hot tub and swim spa industry, have been and look to be dealing with for some time to come.

Production slowdowns, caused by COVID-19 lockdowns and anticipation of severe drops in demand that never occurred, coupled with natural forces beyond control have put the global supply chain into a cavernous hole it still struggles to climb out of because consumer calls for products, such as ours, that provide comfort and reassurance have skyrocketed. As much as manufacturers and sellers would love to fulfill these record demands for their products quickly and at a reasonable price, circumstances beyond their control make it increasingly difficult to do either.

Coast Spas has done its best since the pandemic’s start to keep what’s under its control in check. We’ve absorbed certain cost increases where we can and mitigated others through changes that increase work efficiency and product output without sacrificing quality. Increasing our prices has been a last resort solely to meet rising costs beyond our containment. We have also implemented a risk and inventory management system to adjust our product mix so we can continue to make some spas even created under current material and labor constraints.

Coast Spas is grateful for your ongoing patience and faith as we navigate these uncharted waters. We share your frustration but remain confident conditions will eventually improve though we know not when. If you are waiting for your new spa to arrive, please continue to work with your local Coast Spas retailer as we will be providing all information to them as it becomes available. We do ask for your understanding as our production schedule and delivery times are dependent on our supply chain partners and evolving variables that change from week to week. So for now, please stay positive and focus on the many warm, soothing days and nights yet to come for you and your Coast Spas backyard paradise. Our focus continues to be on delivering your spa to you, as quickly as possible.

Patricia Diamente
President & CEO
Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc.