Build Your Cascade II

Series Infinity
Total Jets 61
Power North America 15HP (3x 5HP SuperFlow)
Power International 15HP (3x 5HP SF SuperFlow)
Seats 6-7 Adults
Brand Coast Spas
Style Infinity Edge
Dims (cm) 233.7 x 256.5 x 79 (119.5 at back)
Capacity (l) 1817
Dry Weight (kg) 670
Wet Weight (kg) 2487
Dims (in) 92 x 101 x 31 (47 at back)
Capacity (us gal) 480
Dry Weight (lbs) 1477
Wet Weight (lbs) 5483


Extreme XL Water Diverters
Air Controls
Fusion Touchscreen Controls
Trillium Stainless Steel Massage Jets | 61
Volcano Jet with Dedicated Hand Control | S
24" Fusion Waterfall
Streaming Water Ropes - Laminars
Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® - 175 sq ft Dual Core Filter
Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet™
Patented Infinity Edge Technology and Design
Raised Curve Back - Wind Protection and Privacy Wall
No Bobbing Weir Skimmer
Largest Skimmers
Digital Float and Fill Gauge

Plush Headrests
Beverage Holders
Anti-Slip Textured Floor
Ergonomic Seating
Multi-Level Seating
Large Footwells
Programmable Filtration


Freeze Protection
Formed Equipment Enclosure
Pressure Treated Frame
Quick Access Gate Valves
Titanium Heater
Recessed Thread-In Jet-Pockets™
Super-Sealed™ Barb & Clamp Plumbing

Build Your Own Cascade II & Get Pricing Information

Choose from a wide selection of optional features for the Cascade II model. Clicking on '...more' will give you additional information on each feature. Once you've made your selections you can submit your build for a hassle-free quotation using the form at the bottom of the page.

All listed features and information are subject to change without notice. Images provided may not accurately represent the current offering. Please check with your local Authorized Coast Spas Dealer for current standard and optional features and availability.


MultiColor 7" Stainless Steel Frosted Light Dome
Long lasting, bright and ...more
ChromaZone™ Lighting Package
With Coast Spas’ Chroma ...more

Acrylic and Cabinet Finish


Sterling Marble
see large swatch
Tuscan Sun XL
see large swatch
Midnight Canyon XL
see large swatch


Driftwood All Weather Woodgrain
see large swatch
Walnut All Weather Woodgrain
see large swatch
Charcoal All Weather Woodgrain
see large swatch
Driftwood All Weather Woodgrain w/ Carbon Fiber Corners
see large swatch
Walnut All Weather Woodgrain w/ Carbon Fiber Corners
see large swatch
Charcoal All Weather Woodgrain w/ Carbon Fiber Corners
see large swatch


Desert Sand Natural Slate Cabinet
see large swatch
Mountain Grey Natural Slate Cabinet
see large swatch

Above is a representation of your color selections only and does not necessarily reflect the model or additional features you've selected. The spa shown above is part of the Curve Series by Coast Spas.


Black WeatherShield Cover
Up to 3 times stronger an ...more
Grey WeatherShield Cover
Up to 3 times stronger an ...more


O3One Ozone + EcoClean UV + Crystal Clear Purifica
O3 One Advanced Plasma Di ...more

Massage Boost

Air Blower (North America) w 18 SS Air Injector Je
Standard Hot Tub jets pus ...more
AquaSole™ Foot Massage Jet (x2)
The AquaSole Massage jets ...more
Air Blower (International) w 18 SS Air Injector Je
Standard Hot Tub jets pus ...more


BBA3 Integrated Bluetooth Systemo - 4 Flushmount S
Connect your bluetooth de ...more


Foam Core Insulation XL
Add additional Foam to in ...more
Full Foam Insulation XL
The best insulation perio ...more
EcoAir Vents
This innovative feature p ...more


Coast Cubby + WaterVac™ Powered Drain System
Requires Slate or All Wea ...more
Coast Connect™ Universal Fitting
Connection that is instal ...more
LED Lit Waterfall Table
This beautiful table conn ...more
Coast Guard Bottom
Spas with the Coast Guard ...more
Coast Status + ControlMySpa + Refresh Button
Coast Status + ControlMyS ...more
Spa Frog
Not available in Canada. ...more
Aromatherapy - Fragrance Injection System
With a push of a button a ...more
Spa Frog + Aromatherapy
Not available in Canada. ...more

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