Message from Coast Spas CEO

To Our Employees, Brand Ambassadors and Customers

My wish for 2022 – in addition to health and happiness for you and your loved ones – is for all to savor the present.

This may sound odd given the direness of the daily headlines. However, the experiences of the past year should have taught us about the uncertainty of this life. Being able to appreciate the moment you are in, to find joy in being and to share that joy through an action – no matter how small -- is truly a gift.

Coast Spas, for example, could have easily been in a perpetual state of anxiety and disappointment throughout 2021. Raw material supplies continued to be in flux. Transport costs grew steadily even as movement became more irregular. Product offerings and features our engineers and designers lovingly labored at for years had to be discontinued (temporarily in many cases, we still hope). This “bad news,” though, is tempered by the grace and ingenuity you have shown in response.

Our employees worked hard to hone their skills and craftsmanship, finding creative ways to efficiently build the most products, working quickly and at length to meet the continued demand for our products without sacrificing quality.

Our brand ambassadors stood on the front lines, clearly and calmly explaining the effects of a volatile marketplace to the public, setting realistic expectations whenever changes in product descriptions, prices and availability occurred or looked imminent.

Our customers, taking the delays for their backyard paradises in stride, showed incredible patience and understanding of these extraordinary circumstances. Some used the extra time to more fully design and build the private oasis of their dreams. We have the pictures to prove it.

So let us rejoice this holiday season in what we have now, have learned and have accepted that has made us more appreciative, resilient and compassionate. And let us continue to hope for a future that will be better so that everyone’s present is one to savor without hesitation.

Please stay safe, happy and have a wonderful 2022!

Patricia Diamente
President & CEO
Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc.