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Coast Spas is a proud supporter of Children's Wish, helping to grant the wishes of children diagnosed with life threating illnesses.

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Hot Tubs from Coast Spas. We have a hot tub for every lifestyle and budget, carefully handcrafted using premium quality components and available with all the latest features and innovations.

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Specialty Hot Tub Brands

Coast Spas Manufacturing produces these quality hot tub brands at their ISO:9001-2008 Quality Certified Facility.

Coast Spas LogoWorld's Best Built Spas®

Quality hot tubs and swim spas are the result of the skilled craftsmanship, innovation and engineering that is the Coast Spas brand of luxury high-end hot tubs. If you are seeking the very best in hydrotherapy, entertainment and relaxation then we have a spa for you. We build hot tubs with TV's and stereos, plug-in hot tubs, hot tubs for massage and hydrotherapy and spas to swim and exercise in. We design hot tubs with vanishing edges, curves, stunning lights, gigantic waterfalls and glowing jets.

Trust in a Brand that is Quality Certified

ISO 9001:2008 certification is the highest internationally recognized quality standard for manufacturing. Extensively reviewed yearly by independent audits, Coast Spas is proud to have maintained ISO certification since 2003.

NEW Coast Connect™Lit Waterfall Table

The Coast Connect™ Lit Waterfall Table instantly connects to any Coast Spas Hot Tub equipped with the Coast Connect™ Universal Fitting. This beautiful frosted table has an incredible 360 degree adjustable waterfall that falls from under the outer lip of the table and is vibrantly *lit with a multicolor LED light originating at the stem of the table.

Take your hot tub experience to the next level with the convenience of a 12.5" table in the middle of your hot tub. The textured surface and raised outer lip keeps objects placed on the surface from ending up in your spa. Perfect for drinks, snacks, card games and more. Make sure you ask for your new Coast Spas hot tub to be equipped with the Coast Connect™ Universal Fitting, this innovative addition to your hot tub will allow you to swap Coast Connect™ Accessories providing you with the ability to customize your hot tub on-the-fly to suit any occasion.

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Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub
Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub
The Luxury of an Infinity Edge Hot Tub Can Now Be Yours
Coast Spas builds the only portable infinity (vanishing) edge hot tub. Infinity Spas have zero water displacement and no unsightly telescoping skimmers or filter grate.

With the largest waterfall, most efficient skimmer and best view - Cascade Series Vanishing Edge Spas are the ultimate hot tub.
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Public Hot Tubs Have Pressurized Filtration. Shouldn’t Yours?

The hot tub at your public pool, gym, hotel or recreation center is required to have a pressurized filtration system, but your hot tub won’t have one - unless you have a Coast Spa. Coast Spas is one of the only hot tub companies in the world to offer Pressurized Filtration on all their premium hot tubs. Our system, the Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System, is not only commercial-grade and pressurized, but also forces debris to evenly distribute over the filter cartridge in a cyclonic motion. This is a result of the Water Diversion Blade® directing water into an even, rotating flow around the outside canister wall before being drawn into the filtration media.

83% More Efficient. 20% Faster.

Coast spas teamed up with Pleatco the leader in filtration to test the effectiveness of the Coast spas filtration system. In independent testing from a New York Laboratory they introduced 5 pounds of silica dust into the hot tub water it was found that that Coast Spas’ Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System was 83% more efficient and 20% faster at clearing this silica from the spa water then the leading competitor. Having the filtration process work faster and more efficient means less strain on your pumps and equipment and less power consumption. Over time this equates to significant financial savings, a smaller environmental footprint and equipment that has superior performance over a longer duration.

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Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub
Monitor and Control From Anywhere There's an App for That
Adjust water temperature, set filter cycles, activate jets, toggle lights on and off and even sync your spa clock with a touch of a button.
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Hot Tub Remote Control Application
Advanced Touch Screen Controls
Color Touch Screen Controls. Much like modern smartphones, this easy-to-use control panel features a large multilingual color LCD interface with intuitive icons and animations.
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Touch Screen Controls for Hot Tub
Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub
Built Powerful for Jetted Hydrotherapy. Intelligently Engineered for Energy Savings.
Coast Spas' Xtreme Line of Jet Pumps provides the power required to get a truly effective massage. From the Monster Flow 7HP pump to the 1.5HP Smart Flow pump, all are designed to push the maximum allowable pressure through to our specially designed Luxury Trillium Massage Jets. During your spa's filtration cycle, your jet pumps are activated to pull and push water through your hot tub filter.

During the filtration cycle, our Xtreme pumps will run on an ultra low voltage (1.2Amps for 5HP Super Flow Pumps) and at one third the RPM (3450 high / 1150 low). Programmable filtration cycles allow you to control when, and for how long, your jet pumps activate to purge your hot tub of debris. During the programmed filtration time, your hot tub pumps will consume about as much power as your backyard aquarium pump.

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Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet

The Floor of a Hot Tub Collects Settled Debris and Contaminants. So Coast Spas Developed the Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet. It is inevitable that dirt, sand and other debris will find it's way into your hot tub. It can be brought in on your feet, blow in by the wind or simply fall from the trees or a structure above. Regardless of how it got into your hot tub, the last thing you want is for it to stay in your water - collecting over time on the floor of your spa.

Our Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet is activated during the filtration cycle and blasts the collected dirt, sand and other debris off the floor to where it can be drawn into the filtration system. It's incredible how something so small could make such a difference to your hot tub enjoyment.

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Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub
Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub
The Strongest Shells

Coast Spas® has partnered with Owens Corning® to Deliver the Toughest and Most Durable Hot Tub Shells Available. Your hot tub starts its life as a sheet of premium acrylic. It is then heated and vacuum-formed to take on the shape of a hot tub, at this point the acrylic is fragile and flexible.

The acrylic shell is then moved to be reinforced using high-grade Owens Corning® fiberglass. A team of specialists start by applying several layers of fiberglass to the shell, then use rollers to compress those layers together. Steel angle iron is then placed onto those first compressed layers for additional support in specific structural areas.

Additional layers of Owens Corning® fiberglass are then added (up to 12 layers or more are typical for an average-size Coast Spas Model) and compressed again, by hand, to complete the shell.reinforcement.

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Virtual Coast Spas

The Virtual Coast Spas app brings an augmented reality 3D experience to your backyard. Place our patented award winning infinity edge hot tub in your backyard simply by scanning our logo with your iPad.

Once scanned, our hot tub takes the place of the Coast Spas logo on your iPad screen - allowing users to manipulate the angle, size and degree of rotation on which the hot tub is viewed.

Once activated, you can control various parts of the hot tub. Fill the spa with water, turn on the jets, lights and waterfalls. Toggle through cabinet and shell colors to match your backyard environment and even get a sneak preview of the amazing view that you can experience with the benefits of our infinity edge Cascade Spas from Coast Spas.

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Infinity Edge Hot Tub Compared to Traditional Hot Tub